Affordable Care Act – New Notice Required for Employees

February 19, 2014

This month the Department of Labor updated the notice forms available for employers to distribute to employees under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The only substantial change is the forms’ expiration date. Employers should immediately begin to use the updated forms for all new employees.

Employers are required to provide notice to all employees about health insurance options available under the ACA. This requirement applies to all employees, regardless of their status (e.g. salaried, hourly, or seasonal employees). Even if employees are ineligible for coverage, employers are still required to issue them notice.

Employers were required to provide all employees notice by October 1, 2013. Employers, who have not done so, should issue the updated notice. New hires must receive notice within fourteen (14) days of taking their position. Employers should issue one of two notices: either the notice for employers not providing health care coverage, or the notice for employers providing coverage to some or all of their employees. Both are available here.

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