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Workplace Insights – Trusted Advisor

January 29, 2015

As labor and employment counsel we have become a trusted advisor to many of our clients.  Our firm is often asked to assist clients in areas related to our primary work; other times questions extend to general business advice. Sometimes we can assist our clients directly, and often we are in a position to recommend other professionals who possess the particular expertise necessary.

Here are a few of the scenarios we encounter most frequently in our role as trusted advisor:

Legal Questions:

  1. Employee Benefits, Real Estate or Corporate Counsel. We recommend appropriate attorneys to assist in areas of employee benefits, real estate, or corporate issues.

Human Resources Concerns:

  1. Executive Coaching or Leadership Development. We recommend professionals who coach individual executives requiring one-on–one management development. We often refer Leadership Development firms for those clients who need to cultivate their executive teams’ skills.
  2. Compensation Planning. For compensation advice we point our clients to professionals who can counsel them on setting salary grades and devising high level compensation packages. These services help our clients remain competitive in the marketplace.
  3. Staffing the Human Resources Function. If a client has grown to a size requiring a professional HR manager, or the client needs an HR professional with a higher level of experience, we frequently recommend search firms to help them locate appropriate staff.
  4. Outsourcing the HR Function. Many times clients want to outsource the HR function, either temporarily or permanently. We maintain a working relationship with vendors who are experienced in assigning highly professional outsourced HR Staff.
  5. Payroll. Our firm can recommend payroll service companies who provide personalized services to our clients.

Practical Business Issues:

  1. Building or Moving Services. For clients who require building maintenance services or moving services, we connect them with reliable organizations.
  2. Insurance. We are in a position to refer high level companies to expert benefits and insurance consultants, who can assess the client’s insurance, medical or pension needs.
  3. Technology Experts and Web Designers. We often assist our clients by recommending vendors who can support their organization in the rapidly changing technology and web design areas.
  4. Accounting and Auditing Services. We have contacts with experienced firms who provide accounting, bookkeeping and business consulting services.
  5. Compliance. As regulatory issues remain a high priority for our clients, we refer them to experts in business compliance. These include services in investigations, security, loss prevention, background checks and related business advisory areas.

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