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How We Practice Law

Our law firm takes our profession and our clients very seriously. There are several principles we follow in our practice, to help us provide our...

Training Supervisors on HR Issues

On average, 10,000 baby boomers are retiring every day and by 2020 millennials (ages 18-34) are expected to make up more than half of the total U.S....

Weather-Related Attendance Issues – 2018

As discussed in a prior newsletter article, winter weather causes numerous issues, such as absences and office closures. This year, the Old Farmer’s...

The Value of Recruiting Smart

Fall Recruiting As organizations prepare for the fall it is a good time to review and perfect recruitment and selection tools. Many organizations...

The Legal Pitfalls of a Holiday Party

The holiday season is quickly approaching and many organizations are planning their office celebrations. There are an increasing number of legal...

When Handling a Negative Review

Refraining from retaliating, and being responsive to criticism can mitigate the effects of a negative review. When building your company’s online presence, maintain a consistent voice.

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