Third Party Agreements

Third party agreements involve an individual or entity that takes part in a transaction but is not included in the contract.
An example of a third party in this regard would be someone who is representing one of the parties involved in the transaction, lsuch as a buyer, broker, sales representative, contractor, vendor, or attorney.

Depending on the language used in the third party contract, the third party may or may not have legal rights in the matter. For this reason, having your third party agreements reviewed or originated by an attorney with experience in such contracts is essential for ensuring that you are completely aware of what the contract entails and that your interests are dutifully protected.

At Halpern & Scrom, our attorneys can assist your organization by:

  • Preparing agreements between you and your brokers, sales representatives, contractors, and vendors.
  • Reviewing existing service agreements to better manage your broker, sales representative, contractor, and vendor relationships.

Protect your interests and keep your business’ liability managed. Get the protection you need with properly drafted third party agreements from Halpern & Scrom.

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