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How We Practice Law

September 26, 2018

Our law firm takes our profession and our clients very seriously. There are several principles we follow in our practice, to help us provide our clients with the best service. As we complete our 15th year, we thought it would be helpful to articulate the ten fundamental ways we conduct ourselves.

  1. Responsiveness. We answer our own phones and respond promptly to e-mails and phone calls. Since we are in a service profession, we always want our clients to be able to reach us quickly and efficiently. In addition, we respond promptly to e-mail and other inquiries.

  1. Listening to Client Needs. We listen to our clients and get to know their business and organizational needs. We visit every client’s office or facility to get a keen understanding of their culture. Obtaining this understanding allows us to better cater our services to each client’s organizational wants and needs.

  1. Practical Advice. We provide practical solutions – not fuzzy, complicated, philosophical choices. We see our role as facilitators – not as obstacles to our clients’ ideas and plans. It is important that we provide our clients with solid, sensible counsel that will resonate with their organizational needs. We consciously speak to our clients and colleagues using easy terminology; we avoid legalese in communicating with clients and in drafting material.

  1. Professionalism. We honor our clients’ confidentiality and follow attorney rules of ethics and conduct. We understand that all client matters are extremely sensitive. We conduct our business with the utmost professionalism and adherence to ethical standards, so our clients can rest assured that they are receiving services rendered with care and consideration.

  1. Preventive Counseling. We emphasize the preventative. It is not easy for our clients to stay on top of the ever-expanding rules and regulations affecting the workplace. Our perspective is always to take a path that emphasizes compliance. In this manner our clients save legal fees by avoiding costly employment disputes or audits by government agencies.  Through our Employment Practices Audit we can evaluate our clients’ policies and practices, and determine what open issues need attention.

  1. Informing and Training Clients. We stay current on legal developments so that our clients get state-of-the-art advice. We are always monitoring legislative and case developments. We publicize important changes in our newsletter that is sent to almost 2,000 clients, friends and colleagues of the firm. We also train our clients on compliance topics and deliver public speeches on timely issues that affect our clients.

  1. Fair and Honest Billing. We provide our clients with detailed invoices that are not a surprise and will not wreck their budgets. We keep our rates moderate and prepare our invoices so that clients understand the details, who worked on their matter, and what we did to advance their cause.

  1. Team Environment. We work hard at mentoring our staff. We work as a team so that we can effectively collaborate to meet our clients’ needs. We also ensure that our staff has a strong knowledge of legal issues and are apprised of all updates in the law.

  1. Trust. It’s all about trusting relationships. We are proud that we have long-lasting client relationships. In addition, our clients often ask us, as trusted advisors, to recommend other reliable and knowledgeable professionals, who like us, take their roles seriously and handle matters efficiently and without fanfare.
  1. Making a Difference. Lastly and most importantly, we thoroughly enjoy what we do and find purpose in making a difference for our clients. We practice all of the principles above and that effort gives us satisfaction that we are assisting our clients in a meaningful way.

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