Education Law Training and Investigations

We provide vital training to the faculty and leadership teams of our educational clients. In addition, we investigate allegations of discrimination or harassment. We can help your charter or private school by:

  • Creating custom training programs for faculty, staff, teachers, and administration in either group or one-on-one settings.
  • Instructing personnel on discrimination, harassment, child abuse, boundaries with students, and other related areas that govern an educational environment.
  • Conducting investigations of allegations of discrimination or harassment – whether the accused is a faculty or staff member, or a student.
Discrimination, Anti-Harassment
We provide essential training to faculty and school leadership on discrimination and anti-harassment rules.
Professional Boundaries with Students
We deliver training to our education clients to prevent improper electronic communications, relationships, and inappropriate physical contact between employees and students.
Child Abuse Reporting
Federal and state laws provide requirements on when and how suspected child abuse must be reported. We train our education clients and their leadership team and faculty on the warning signs of child abuse and the procedures to follow in the mandated reporting of these “red flags” to the authorities.
Student Harassment
Title IX prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex, and requires schools to have proper procedures for responding to student claims of sexual harassment or sexual violence. Our firm prepares Title IX policies for private schools, ensuring that the school, its students, and its employee are properly protected under the law.
Our firm conducts investigations of discrimination or harassment in educational settings. We act sensitively and tactfully to interview the individuals involved and recommend solutions to the school’s leadership team.

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