What were the Educational Lessons from Covid-19?

June 8, 2023

The Covid-19 pandemic was a notable event that has altered employment, personal lives, finances, among other shifting dynamics. The education realm is no exception. Students are some of the most vulnerable individuals who have been greatly impacted from the school shutdowns and the switch to “distant learning,” both of which have left a significant impact on education trends.

Covid 19’s Impact on Education

During the early stages of the pandemic, the national lockdowns led to millions of students unable to attend in-person schooling. The vast and quick change from in-person instructional learning to remote learning made it difficult for certain students to learn foundational learning skills of literacy and numeracy. Research studies from 2020 to 2022 confirm that math and reading test scores among elementary up until high school level began to drop as school disruptions continued due to the pandemic. It is no secret that Covid-19 left a magnitude of impacts on education of the new generation, but support is available. Schools nationally are creating and implementing significant strategies to mitigate this decline. With the application of the right strategies, learning loss from Covid-19 can be recouped.

Strategies for Improvement

As mentioned, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused delays in the learning skills of students. However, schools have executed new learning initiative plans that reflect a positive trend in learning levels. For instance, several schools began offering increased tutoring sessions for students in various subjects with a highlighted focus on reading and math skills. Another strategy implemented includes summer learning programs, which assist in closing the gaps students faced as a result of “learning losses.”

Class size reductions have enabled teachers to provide better classroom control and improve student attention. These strategies have been proven effective as their implementation continues. As teachers continue to face the challenges of managing continuity in learning post Covid-19, relying on said strategies can be proven advantageous.

Beneficial Educational Outcomes Resulting from Covid-19

Although several educational challenges were met by both students and educators while facing Covid-19, there have been favorable methods that have become permanent, for instance remote learning. Remote learning is disfavored by some, but regardless studies have captured the benefits of such stylistic schooling.

Such benefits include a decrease in bullying and an increase in the prioritization of mental health. With a remote environment, there is greater protection for students. Studies confirm that most bullying occurs in-person and with no supervision, hence with a remote setting, bullying vastly decreased. Further, such reduction increases student’s mental health.  With mental health becoming a priority during and following Covid-19, students’ moods and self-esteem improved, which impacted their ability to learn.

Another benefit as a result of Covid-19 remote-learning was for the special needs student community. Special needs students may need alternative methods rather than the traditional teaching methods in order to grasp the material. Remote schooling has provided an increase in video presentations and graphics which help special need students who are visual learners. Additionally, it has been proven that such students have benefitted from the ability to re-watch recorded lectures or videos posted by teachers and professors. Lastly, special needs students who struggle with emotional disorders that are normally heightened by in-person interactions have seen improvements educationally through learning remotely.

Covid-19 was difficult in all realms, but education was one of those most affected. With the continuance of the strategies mentioned, students who need extra support will be able improve their success.

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