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A Personal Perspective for the New Year – 2020

December 13, 2019

We often analyze how we distinguish our law firm from other legal practices. This letter explains why our services are indeed distinct from other law firms, both in how our staff works together and how we approach our client assignments.

Our Firm Culture

We Collaborate Internally on All Matters. Our goal is to gain varied perspectives from our staff so that we can provide legal services each client assignment in a comprehensive manner.

We Are Easy to Work With. Our collegial atmosphere reflects our even-tempered personalities. We genuinely enjoy the areas of law we practice, and we thoughtfully approach each assignment with a singular focus.

How We Work

We Are Approachable and Very Responsive. We respond quickly to all client inquiries, no matter how small or large the issue may be, listen carefully to our clients’ questions and respond promptly with a creative solution.

We Approach Issues Holistically. We try to approach every client assignment in a comprehensive manner and ensure that we have considered all issues that may impact the situation.

We Provide Advice that is Practical for the Client’s Needs. We explain our reasoning and suggested approaches to our clients. We examine each issue from a business and legal lens, so that our advice resonates with results that advance our clients’ goals, while adhering to compliance standards. The agreements we prepare are clear and understandable. We avoid communicating, writing or drafting agreements in legalese.

We Advise Clients of Changes in the Law. We are one of the few law firms our size who prepare a monthly newsletter, as a service to our clients.

We Respect our Client’s Budget. We value our client’s funds as ours. We want our clients to be as happy with our invoices as they are with our advice and service. We provide detailed invoices so that our time spent is transparent.

We Act as Trusted Advisors. We are often approached by clients with questions outside our areas of expertise. Our practice is to refer our clients to other professionals who can tackle their situations.

Our Mission

In a workplace climate that has become very compliance-oriented and reputation-sensitive, our goal is to always be there for our clients, and to provide cost-effective, creative and practical solutions to their individual and organizational needs.

Our Wish for 2020

As 2020 approaches, we wish you — our many clients, colleagues and friends, a healthy, successful and satisfying New Year. We look forward to helping you achieve your professional and personal goals.

With warm regards,

Jules Z. Halpern and Paul L. Scrom

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