2023 Marks the Completion of Our Firm’s 20th Year

January 16, 2024

In the ever-evolving organizational landscape, employers encounter unprecedented challenges that demand adept management and strategic solutions. From pursuit of better employee engagement, to keeping up with the steady stream of local and state changes in employment laws, the complexities and advancements of the workplace manage to keep our clients in a constant state of motion and development.

2023 marks the completion of our Firm’s 20th year. This milestone is a time of celebration and reflection on how our practice has grown: the wide range of our business clients – both for-profit, not-for-profit, as well as our education company clients, as well as educational institutions themselves, ranging from nursery through university level.

We are proud of our responsiveness to clients’ needs and our application of innovative solutions to complex human resources and education issues. Always viewing every new project under a business and legal lens, we tailor our strategies to clients’ objectives, applying the most contemporary laws and rules, while steadfastly upholding ethical, compliance and professional standards.

We look forward to being there for all of you in 2024! We hope the new year brings opportunities for all of us to enjoy the fruits of our labor, and the achievement of all of our dreams of personal and professional fulfillment, for ourselves and for our loved ones.

Jules, Paul, Peter, Ashley & Amanda


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