Cyber Security Policies

Our firm helps protect employers from cybersecurity breaches by:

  • Drafting customized cybersecurity policies that cover employees, vendors, and contractors.
  • Preparing detailed provisions that cover the full range of protections and systems that employers need to develop in order to prevent cyber attacks and breaches of confidential information.
  • Drafting cybersecurity policies for New York financial services companies to ensure compliance with the Department of Financial Service’s 23 NYCRR 500.
Cybersecurity Handbooks
A Cybersecurity Handbook is essential for protecting confidential information. Our handbooks outline all of an employer’s policies pertaining to information created, transferred, and stored in an electronic format. Each of our Cybersecurity Handbooks is tailor-made depending on the employer’s business needs and desired level of protection.
Disaster Recovery Plans
Our firm will work with you to create effective and efficient plans of action to recover any data that might be lost in the case of an emergency or disaster that causes a major system outage.
Remote Access
Telecommuting is becoming popular among both employers and their employees. We help employers create a comprehensive telecommuting policy complete with information on how telecommuters can remotely access secure information without breaching network security.
Server Security
Our firm’s server security policies cover both physical security and authorized access to the employer’s servers. We create extensive procedures for retrieving database information, logging information, and technology equipment disposal to ensure that all confidential information remains secure.
Internet Use and Monitoring
We help employers decide if and how they should restrict employee access to specific parts of the Internet. Additionally, we create privacy-compliant policies for monitoring employees’ internet use.

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