Agreements with Third Parties

Our attorneys can assist your organization by: 

  • Preparing agreements between you and your brokers, sales representatives, contractors, and vendors.
  • Reviewing service agreements to better manage your broker, sales representative, contractor, and vendor relationships.
Vendor Agreements
Businesses and not-for-profits frequently deal with third party vendors to supply goods and services that are not part of an entity’s “core business.” After negotiating a deal for those goods or services, organizations are faced with putting those terms in writing. We will draft or review such contracts to ensure the agreed upon terms are accurately reflected, and our clients are legally protected should the business relationship create potential liabilities. Agreements that have missing key language or unfamiliar terms could result in unwanted consequences.
Broker and Sales Representative Agreements
Organizations often engage the services of brokers or sales representatives in order to bring their products to market quickly and efficiently. Once the terms are agreed upon, they should be reduced to writing. We provide broker or sales representative agreements with state-of-the-art language and protections that are necessary in defining the parameters of the relationship. We also review and revise current agreements to ensure legal compliance.
Independent Contractor Agreements
Having written independent contractor agreements provide important protections when dealing with consultants. We draft comprehensive agreements that are clear and reflect state-of-the-art protections for our clients.

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