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ADA Compliance In The Workplace Law

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), employers have a strict obligation to provide reasonable accommodations for employees with temporary or permanent disabilities. Disabled employees are entitled to accommodations such as special furnishings at work or prolonged leave, provided it does not cause the employer undue hardship.

Disability laws are incredibly complex and vary by state and municipality. They are often challenging to interpret, and as a result, employers may find themselves embroiled in a legal battle if they fail to accommodate an employee adequately. Providing poor accommodations for a disabled employee may result in a discrimination lawsuit that can be costly for an employer.

Halpern & Scrom can help employers solve complex disability accommodation issues by analyzing requests from disabled employees or their health care providers and assessing whether they would be deemed reasonable under the law. We advise our clients on disability accommodation best practices such as interactive discussions and cooperative dialogues to ensure they remain in compliance with ADA and state guidelines.

As disability accommodation takes a tailored approach, the process often entails lengthy negotiations and proper documentation. We can assist clients with ongoing discussions with disabled employees to ensure the process is compliant with ADA regulations and as easy as possible for all involved parties.

Negotiating disability accommodation that works for everyone is challenging, but we are here to assist. Halpern & Scrom PLLLC offers practical solutions to complications arising from ADA regulations and comparable state and local disability laws.

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