A New Chapter

December 17, 2020

As 2021 begins, the Firm has been re-named, Halpern & Scrom Law PLLC. My Partner, Paul, who has nearly ten years of legal experience, eight with our Firm and the last three as my Partner, has become a “named” Partner of our Firm.

Adding Paul to our Firm’s name represents the important recognition that Paul earned through his steady professional growth and dedication to our clients’ needs in employment and education law. In his very thoughtful and approachable manner, Paul communicates his keen knowledge of the intricacies of the law. Besides being an individual of great moral character, Paul possesses an innate ability to explain and apply complicated legal issues in an understandable style that resonates with our clients and colleagues.

The imagery of the link in our new logo above, demonstrates our ability to understand the link between organizational success and the law, and connecting principles of fairness to the application of compliance regulations, in an ever-changing landscape. As we enter 2021, with the challenge of an international pandemic, we pause to recognize our own personal links with family, friends, clients and colleagues. Paul, Theresa, Jillian, Rosanna, and I wish you happy holidays and a healthy, safe and professionally fulfilling New Year.

With warm wishes,
Jules Halpern

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