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Affirmative Action Plan Requirements & Compliance Lawyer

Executive Order 11246 requires government contractors to implement affirmative action plans that ensure equal workplace opportunities for women, minorities, disabled persons, and veterans. Federal contractors and subcontractors must assess policies and programs regularly to ensure they are anti-discriminatory and provide training and advancement opportunities for disadvantaged employees.

Affirmative action can include outreach campaigns, employee support programs, targeted recruitment practices, and improving existing policies that may be discriminatory. At Halpern & Scrom, we draft comprehensive and state-of-the-art affirmative action plans for applicable employers to ensure they comply with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s regulations and state and local discrimination laws.

Affirmative action plans vary based on the type of employer, number of employees, and profit margin. We help our clients draft tailored affirmative action plans and policy statements that meet government contract requirements. We understand that affirmative action is multi-faceted and can assist employers in creating affirmative action plans that are mindful of diversity and inclusion implications.

We conduct in-depth analysis to help our clients identify workplace barriers and subsequent steps needed to improve accountability in the workplace. Our plans set out attainable goals that help employers designate responsibility and maintain accurate employee records.

Affirmative action plans need to be reviewed and updated annually in accordance with the Department of Labor’s regulations. We help our clients review their plans to ensure their policies align with changing regulations and accurately reflect their workplace environment.

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